Silent Domain


The series of Images that makes up Silent Domain shows the aftermath of the ritualistic preparation of the raising of the flags and the building of the bonfires in Protestant areas of Belfast. This is a yearly event in Ulster that commemorates the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 between the forces of the Protestant King William II and the Catholic James II of England. The flags are emblems of identity that are used as visual signifiers to indicate territory and culture in Loyalist areas. 
This formal and forensic restaging and physical engagement of collecting the remnants of the flags and ashes over a period of 12 years, is an attempt at a personal interrogation of my own culture. History in its many manifold permutations, is problematic, to place and people. Preference for easily consumed mediated narratives, usually smother the particulars of life, which not only define a culture, but also expand and add poetry, to the well-marshalled prose of the past.